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Red Pill Trading, in collaboration with FundedNext, is dedicated to empowering individuals from all backgrounds to attain financial freedom. Each month, we present an exciting competition, offering participants the opportunity to win a complimentary account. Are you prepared to elevate trading into a full-time career? With Red Pill Trading and our partnership with FundedNext, we strive to provide the crucial stepping stone toward achieving that goal.

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Complete all the steps on Trade__X Twitter page relating to that competition. Check below to make sure they are still active. You can get there quickest by clicking on the competition image below.

Click 'Enter Competition' tab below. This will link to FundedNext and confirm entry.

There is nothing else to do. You have entered the competition.

Discover the latest array of LIVE Competitions showcased below. If it's visible, it's an open invitation! Engage now while opportunities abound.

Funded Next compeition
WINNERS! @axcrypt1 @ForeWy @Xau_usd7027

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* All results posted on Twitter

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