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Inside Red Pill Trading

Just a peak..... 

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When you join you will have access to all of the below. This is just a tip of the iceberg! Can't give away all our secrets. 

Red Pill University

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A University dedicated to how Trade___X trades. A 6 figure funded trader across multiple platforms, he shares all his secrets, models and strategies to trading. Bringing together 6 years of trading under fundamentally ICT's tutelage, his unique approach to Market Structure is what sets him apart from the rest. 

Private Youtube Accesss 

A private YouTube channel  for members only. Live Q&A sessions and models are broken down in detail inside the channel. An incredibly valuable resource, not only for those who attend live during the recording, but also for those wanting a deeper dive into certain topics live in the charts at their own pace. 

Private Mentoring Sessions

Offered to members only is 1 to 1 sessions that can be booked with Trade___X. Have a certain topic or struggle that you're looking to overcome? No problem, we have you covered. 

Live Trading Daily

Catch Trade___X live everyday trading live whilst sharing his screen. Get a deep look inside the way he operates and applies his strategies and models to the charts. Hey, at your own risk and decision making, you may even end up taking the same trade as him! 

Live Q&A 

Topics can be raised in the Q&A channel that get raised during a dedicated session that happen periodically when a certain topic is requested frequently. This provides an opportunity for direct questions to be answered in a forum format. Great for anyone looking to cover certain  topics, or touch up on ones already adopted. 

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Discord Community

Stay in touch with like minded Individuals in a safe and transparent environment.
Engage and share ideas helping to support one another and develop on what's been taught live and inside Red Pill University

You're a sum of the people you hang around the most. Want to change your current environment? We're here for you. 

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Interactive Slidedeck

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Learn from Trade_X. Private sessions held throughout the week for any members who wish to dial in on certain topics.

Live Teaching Sessions whilst reading price action live

All recorded in our private library for those who can't attend on the day

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Trade along with TradeX everyday, Monday to Friday from 3am UTC to 8pm UTC. You'll be able to see his screen as he analyses the market, plans and executes his trades. At your own judgement, you will be able to share the same context for your own executions!

You only need to check the website reviews on WHOP to see what other members think! 


10% OFF 

USE CODE: WEB10 *Monthly Subscription 1st Month

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Ready to become our newest member?

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