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A private & dedicated group. 

Founded by Trade___X 

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The App

Ready to take your Trading to the next level?

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Join a growing community dedicated to Financial freedom

Red Pill Trading provides in house training via Red Pill University along with Private mentorship sessions, live Q&A with Trade___X plus live trading everyday where you can watch Trade___X trade live. You will be in the perfect surroundings too take your trading to the next level and seriously make Trading your career. 



When you join you will have access to all of the below. This is just a tip of the iceberg! Can't give away all our secrets. 

Red Pill University

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A University dedicated to how Trade___X trades. A 6 figure funded trader across multiple platforms, he shares all his secrets, models and strategies to trading. Bringing together 6 years of trading under fundamentally ICT's tutelage, his unique approach to Market Structure is what sets him apart from the rest. 

Private Youtube Accesss 

A private YouTube channel  for members only. Live Q&A sessions and models are broken down in detail inside the channel. An incredibly valuable resource, not only for those who attend live during the recording, but also for those wanting a deeper dive into certain topics live in the charts at their own pace. 

Private Mentoring Sessions

Offered to members only is 1 to 1 sessions that can be booked with Trade___X. Have a certain topic or struggle that you're looking to overcome? No problem, we have you covered. 

Live Trading Daily

Catch Trade___X live everyday trading live whilst sharing his screen. Get a deep look inside the way he operates and applies his strategies and models to the charts. Hey, at your own risk and decision making, you may even end up taking the same trade as him! 

Live Q&A 

Topics can be raised in the Q&A channel that get raised during a dedicated session that happen periodically when a certain topic is requested frequently. This provides an opportunity for direct questions to be answered in a forum format. Great for anyone looking to cover certain  topics, or touch up on ones already adopted. 

How it Works


Welcome to the other side....

Once you purchase your membership you will be sent an email with a link to join the Private Discord Server. 

It's as simple as that! Once you're in you'll have access to all the amazing channels, beginning your journey towards changing you and your families life!

Oh, and you can also make money via Red Pill Trading. But let's keep that a secret for now, ey.


Join today and change your life.... 

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  • Discord
  • Youtube
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About Us

Our Story

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Led by the belief that
anyone can grow.

Red Pill Trading was formed with the founding principle of helping others find financial freedom. Providing a concise and dedicated space for those wanting to make Trading a full time career. Since it's inception in late 2023, we have helped hundreds become Funded and or withdraw funds. All guided by Trade__X who is an experienced Entrepreneur and Investor with over 6 years experience. Having built a Real Estate business at 21 he started positional trading in 2018 and hasn't stopped since. Founded in ICT principles he has amassed a 6 figure funded portfolio whilst also trading with personal accounts. Now it's all about giving back.


Success Stories.

In short, we help people get funded and withdraw funds. Here are just a few of those who have managed to get funded.

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I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone in Red Pill.  You are all an amazing bunch of people  - genuinely helpful and respectful.  Also a special thanks to @T...  and @L_P for all the awesome explanations and ongoing training.  I found ICT in January this year and was struggling trying to put it all together, but since joining Red Pill two months ago things are starting to fall into place.  I've just passed my third funded account with Apex and, while I still have a long way to go, I wouldn't have progressed this far without you all.  


Red Pill, @T... @L_P and all the other traders in this community have completely changed the way I look at the market and the way I trade. I have improved exponentially since day one here.


I'm going to speak to you like I'm speaking to one of the boys/girls. If you're familiar with ICT concepts, but having a hard time with the process/procedural thinking, this is where you need to be. If you miss it, you miss it  . HTF Areas of Interests, Entry patterns, When not to Trade, a super helpful community that gives to charities?! 

Still riding the fence? No problem. You're a contrarian/skeptic like me. Cool, I get it. Go to @T... 's Youtube and watch a Market Recap video/ just one. Now... take that experience, factor in that you can peek over his shoulder and see things happening real time, while posting your own charts and asking him and @L_P  questions. Come on, man. SMH. "Built Different." 


@T... I don't know how you did it but before I joined last week I was lost in Price Action since being here just for less than 1  week everything is becoming crystal clear to me, I don't feel lost in PA, I'm gaining confidence in my analysis, it's so satisfying seeing price react to the levels that I outlined in my own study and to match my reasoning with all of you. thank you X


Given how much material there is to master ICT's teachings, the livestreams in this discord build on the foundation we learned from ICT himself from YouTube. About a month ago I had an issue identifying breaker blocks which the @T...  live streams made it much more clear to me and I can now confidently identify them.


Still have lots to learn, and lot to fix with my trading. But I wanted to share you my small progress past two weeks as I stayed grinding silently. 
If it wasn't for @T... @Price Action Hoe for giving me that pill, I would still be struggling finding 2nd entries with PATS ( no offense on pats traders) 
Transition was quite painful, but sweetness of fruit was all worth it. All glory to the Lord!

Enjoy the weekend redpill! 


I have been with RP for about 4 months which has allowed me to formulate a model that I now consistently trade.  If my setup doesn't play out then I sit on the sidelines. It took me a couple of months to backtest my model but I began it's first live implementation on 1 Aug 2023. As you can see in the graph below it's played out positively for Q3 and also shows you my prior shonky trading record lol. I trade my own cash which I've built up over 30 years and the account supports my 2 secular growth portfolios.


시발 혼자 잘먹고있엇구만 ㅋㅋ 많이수고햇


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